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Our workflow is based on 3 stages which are really crucial in order to get

the best  high end video production whether they were films, documentary or an advertisement.  



Is the first most and most critical stage where we meet to breakdown the script,

do the storyboard gather the right crew & actors, scout locations , make the

estimated budget for the video and etc,, in order to make the director treatment

that self explained the whole process visually before starting the first day of


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This stage where we carry the camera, the crew and the equipments to start

filming after gathering all the needed informations we got from the pre

production stage. Here everything is moving on during schedule where has been

set up already until all the needed video footages are taken. 







The final stage where we start editing the taken raw footages and start insert

the sounds, visual effects, color grading until we get the satisfactory ending


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Sample Of our work

Client : IKEA KSA

Director : Saleh Mohammed

DOP : Bander Al Abdi

Creative Team : Saleh Mohammed, Aseel Redwan and Majid Angawi

Producer : Majid Angawi

Client : Al Malki Group

Director & DOP : Saleh Mohammed

Creative Director : Majid Angawi

Producer : Ayman Al Ghamdi

Client : Alraqia bookstore

Director & DOP : Saleh Mohammed

Creative Team : Majid Angawi, Aseel Redwan, Ayman Al Ghamdi and Saleh Mohammed

Producer : Majid Angawi & Ayman Al Ghamdi


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