We can develop concepts, write stories, direct and produce narrative 2D and 3D animation productions. We produce commercials, 2D and 3D animated series, Motion design, Infographic, Architect and medical visualization.

We feel every project demands a unique look, feel and style in order to stand out in today’s busy visual landscape, and work hard on developing a distinct look and feel tailored to the demands of each project for our clients.

We have the capacity to handle all different creative, conceptual and productional aspects of 2D and 3D animation.

You need a partner to trust, SARD is the perfect partner.

What we do:

  • 3d graphic animation

  • Architect visualization animation

  • Motion and infographic design

  • 3d medical animation

  • Explainer videos

  • Commercial ads videos

  • Educational video content

  • Company story videos

  • Customer testimonials

  • Tutorial videos

  • Branded Videos

  • Internal Communications Videos

  • YouTube Video Series

  • Mobile Apps Videos


Infographic , 3D designs, & animation Showreel